Most illustrations are sketched and planned out traditionally, with paper and pencil. Will's style demands that illustrations be appropriate for their source material while maintaing high detail, intentional design, and stylistic precision. Will draws inspiration from artists such as Stanley Lau, Joe Madureira, Yoji Shinkawa, and Marc Dennis. Projects include Concept art, Character Designs, Album Covers, Book Art, Product Advertisement, & Comic Art.

Fan Art

A collection of fan-art from various forms of media.

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Product art, promotional illustrations

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Cinematic mind, Painted Black, Anikara.

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Concept Art

Concept art, character designs, environmental.

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Graphic Design

Online and print media have never been so prevalant in the way a company, or person represents themselves. This is why Will has dedicated himself to understanding how graphic design impacts a company's success. The way one presents themselves is just as important as what one actually does. Services include Flyers, Brochures, Report Designs, Web Design, Posters, & signage.


Logos, style guides, business cards.

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Reports and documents

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Marketing Materials

Flyers & brochures, infographics, clothing.

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Web design, assets, imagery.

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