Black Oni

Black Oni is an illustration and graphic design business, dedicated to providing visual excellence. Due to inspiration from gaming culture, Black Oni is also host to the subsidiary, Black Oni Blog, which centers on video games and facilitating the discussion on how to move the gaming industry forward. There, you will find reviews, articles, opinion pieces, podcasts, tutorials, and a list of contributors.


Lets break down the literal meaning behind the two words. Black, is a color that makes a statement that is both classic and modern. It is a color that is timeless, elegant, sophisticated, and powerful, invoking a sense of purpose and depth. The word Oni has two meanings, tied to different languages. In the African Yoruba dialect, Oni means "born in a sacred place", while in Japanese, it means "orgre", or "demon" of ancient folklore. In more recent Japaense culture, Oni are used as a symbol for warding off evil, or guarding sacred lands such as temples. This concept applies to the very idea of creating art, as it is the most sacred and impactful form of expression.


Services include illustration, graphic design, and branding & identity. Many of these feed into to each other, and in many cases, you may need all three of these.
Illustrations include character art, book covers, album covers, comic book art, concept art, and product illustration.
Graphic Design includes print and digital media, pertaining to logos, flyers, brochures, report layout and design, web design, posters, and signage
Branding & Identity covers logo implementation, style guides, business cards, letterheads, social media marketing, consulting, and merchandise design

Technology Meets Technique

The idea is to create as few compromises as possible when exploring solutions to your visual needs. That is why having a deep understanding of how to use the technology, and how to apply technique to said technology, is so important. Black Oni marries the two to create uniqie visual experiences, utilizing the most powerful and up to date software and hardware. Hardware and software mean nothing if you don't understand the fundamentals and principals of design, or how to build from concept sketches to complete projects. Black Oni embraces the low comprimise approach to creating visual solutions.

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