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Where Passion Meets Purpose

Black Oni is an illustration and graphic design business, dedicated to providing visual excellence and inspiring passionate and forward thinking. Inspired by gaming culture, Black Oni is also host to the subsidiary, Black Oni Blog, which centers on video-games and facilitating progressive discussion by providing reviews, articles, opinion pieces, podcasts, and tutorials about gaming.


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Black: Timeless, elegant, sophisticated, and powerful, while simultaneously being both classic, and modern. Black is the essence of everything that ever was, and ever will be.

Oni: An equivocal word which derives from both Africa, and Japan. In the African Yoruba dialect, Oni refers to one who is "born of sacred land". This is in direct reference to how ideas and ultimately art, are created. In Japanese, oni means "ogre", or "demon", referring to ancient folklore. In Japanese culture, Oni are used as a symbol for warding off evil and guarding/protecting sacred lands such as temples or shrines.

The dual definition of Oni speaks to the very essence of creating art, as it is the most sacred form of human expression. Through Black Oni, Will aims to embody creativity and enforce passion.


Will strives to create as few compromises as possible when exploring solutions to visual needs. That is why marrying new and old techniques is such a big part of his approach, and what makes his work compelling. Black Oni marries the two to create unique visual experiences, utilizing the most powerful and up to date software and hardware while staying current with design trends, but also being mindful of his roots as an artist.

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